30 October 2006

MySpace Free

Well, this is day 2 of having a blog, and I decided to switch to Blogger because I hear it is better and has more features, so i reposted my first post from blog drive. Last night, I was thinking on the message that Luke gave at church yesterday, about how if something is causing you to sin, you should remove it from your life. His example was, if there is someone in your class that you know is really easy to cheat off of, and you know no matter how hard you try, you will be tempted to cheat, ask the teacher to change seats. For me, the thing that really hindered me in my relationship with God is MySpace, due to all of the sexual immoral advertisements that I am tempted with, so last night, I mustered up the courage to finally delete my MySpace account, and it feels great. I have always contimplated deleting my account, however, I always seemed to come up with an excuse why I "needed" MySpace. I realize now, that I no longer need it, I can still talk with friends on AIM and through email, and I can communicate with bands that way too.


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