31 October 2006

Broken Bass Drum Heads

Greetings and salutations,
Today, when I was on my way to select choir, I stopped in the practice room where we keep the drum set. I was shocked to find the beater on the bass drum pedal was inside the bass drum. Someone aparrantley attempted the old credit card through the lock and succeeded last night, and then was playing the drums and put a hole in the head. I do not believe it was an act of vandalism, as the head on the bass drum was the factory head, and there was a huge dent where the beater hits, so it was bound to break sometime, however if it was an act of vandalism, I'd like to ask whoever did it, "was that the best you can do?," because if I were to vandalize at a school, I think I would choose something nice, as it would have more effect. There is a positive side to the bass drum head breaking... we are getting a new head, it's an Aquarian Superkick II head.
After school, I went over to Oma and Opa's House (My grandparents) to mow their lawn. After that, my dad and I drove out to Brockport to scope out my driving test site for tomorrow. The worst part is the speed limit is 15 MPH, I was excpecting at least 25 MPH, oh well. Hopefully I remember to keep my speed down. I usually do well under pressure.
Well, that's all for now.


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