02 November 2006


Last night I was too tired to post a new blog, so today I will post two days worth of stuff. It's snowing right now. Good ol' Rochester. Anyhow, yesterday I took my road test at 2:00PM in Brockport. The lady who proctored the test had a nice enough personality but she did not seem to like me. First of all, the first thing you are instructed to do on the test is leave the curb. Now, before you leave the curb, you make sure you put your seat belt on if it isn't already, then you put your turn signal on, check your mirrors, and look over your shoulder to make sure there is no oncoming traffic, all of which I did. The lady claimed I did not look over my shoulder, but my dad saw me do it from where he was standing. The second instruction she gave me was to go to the end of the road and turn right, so I turned my signal on, stopped before the crosswalk, and since there was a parked vehicle obstructing my view, I slowly moved forward to make sure there was no oncoming traffic, and the lady claimed that I was obstructing the flow of pedestrians, even though there were no pedestrians, and i was only in the crosswalk when i was making sure there were no oncoming vehicles. Third, she added points because apparantley I fail to anticipate actions of other drivers, because I passed a car with no driver inside, and did not turn my head to make sure there was no one in the car. The fourth and final thing, was that when she had me parallel park, i did fine parking, but i did not realize that she had me parallel park so closely to a curb that protruded extra far. She asked me to back out, and the curb was right behind my back wheel, and I had no choice but to hop the curb to get out, and she added points for that. Now, that one was partially my fault, but the other things were not, and I feel like I should have recieved my license yesterday. I had a total of 50 points, and the total needs to be less than 30 in order to recieve your license, so I rescheduled for November 22nd. Hopefully I will pass then.

I am sorry, but i think i lied when i said I would post two days worth of stuff, because today was pretty uneventful. I'll post tomorrow.



Blogger skies colliiide said...

Haha Mitch. Well you can't win them all. At least you have another chance, and I'm pretty confident that you'll make it this time. If you have that chica again, show her who's boss.


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