05 November 2006

It's Been One Week.

Good Morning,

It's been a few days since my last post. Last night I had a JukeVox concert at Roberts Wesleyan College. We had to be there at 5:45 for the sound check, I was the second one there, then we waited for other people to show up. When almost everyone was there we went to the "Green Room" to warm up. By the time we were done warming up and ready to go on stage, everyone had shown up except Amanda, and she was the soloist in the second song. So we ran through "In The Still of The Night," "Warm and Fuzzy," and "Kokomo," and as always, all the drama people were flipping out (Basically everyone except for Josh, Leah and myself), and it was really pissing me off. Maybe it's because I've played on stages with different bands so many times that I am really comfortable with performing, but I never get worked up about a performance. Anyway, after our sound check we ate some sweet pizza, and everyone else was flipping out, and they wanted to warm up. Josh and I were like, "didn't we just warm up, or what was that?" and everyone else seemed to be really nervous. So we went to the "Shewan Recital Hall" and did all the same things again. Amanda finally showed up at 6:30, because she thought that was when soundcheck was.
We went on stage around 7:30, and we sang our 3 songs. It went pretty well, except for the bass microphone stand started slowly descending. I did vocal percussion for the first time live in Kokomo. The other groups were excellent. I recognized a few of the people from Vocal Infusion from Charlie Cote's memorial service. They sang one of the songs they did at his service.
After the show, we sold some C.D.'s and then Leah. my mom and I went out to Zebb's. Leah and I hung out in the Arcade for a little while and I won her an orange lion in the claw game. We ate dinner, then we dropped Leah off at her crib, then we went home and I went to bed around 12:45AM. It is now 6:31 and I am waiting for Andrea to pick me up for church. I'm tired.

thats it.


Blogger skies colliiide said...

How do you have time to post a blog so early in the morning. I even wake up earlier than you haha. I'm glad your performance went well.

That's it.

4:09 PM  

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