12 November 2006


Early in the week, my friends Andy, Kyle and Josh all invited me to go camping with them this weekend. I made the decision to go Thursday morning, we left Friday afternoon. It was the annual Young Life Fall Weekend Camp out at Saranac Lake. It was awesome. We spent a while on a school bus and we got to saranac late. We ate dinner and then we went to check out our "Cabin." IT WAS SWEEET!" We had a common room, kitchen 4 bedrooms and an attic. Our room had 3 sets of bunkbeds and a private bathroom. We matress surfed down the stairs. Then we chilled outside for a while waiting for "Club." I met a few girls from Penfield that were really nice and we talked for a while. I don't remember their names though. When the bell rang, Jamie, Andy, Kyle, Alex, Alex, Dave and I went to the side door so we would get good seats. We were like 2nd row. It was pretty sweet. We sang a bunch of songs and listened to Chico Barbados give us his sales pitch on the Omega 3-erizer and Bozo the clown gave us his sales pitch for his DVD with shows 4 5 and 6. Then Karina from Rhode Island spoke. Her heart seemed to be in the right place, but she didn't really rope us in very well. After that we had freetime so I checked out the camp and asked people for a G string because mine broke on the bus ride up. (Its for a guitar you sicko!) After that we had cabin time and hung out until 4 in the morning beating up Alex Aiezza and shaving my head into a mohawk. We woke up and showered the next day and then headed over to the dining hall for breakfast. We had cereal, pancakes, bacon and much more. It was delectable. After that we went back to our cabin to change into something we could get dirty in and then we went to club. Then we went over to the field and played steal the bacon, some weird mattress surfing game and peel the onion. It was pouring rain the whole time. After that we cleaned up and then we had freetime until dinner. We showered and then chilled for a little while. Then some of us went into the hot tub. It was sweet. Then some of us went back to the cabin. we took showers again and then dave and I hung out and played guitar and napped. Then I went to the YL store and bought some stickers and a guitar pick. We had roast beef, mashed potatoes and sugar snap peas for dinner. Then we had club and then we had 15 minutes to walk out in the woods and have complete silent time with God. It was amazing. Then we had freetime. Dave was journaling in the common room and told Alex he was hot so Alex grabbed the fire extinguisher and sprayed it. He's dumb. Then we had cabin time, then we shaved my head. Then we went to bed. Then we woke up and cleaned our room. Then we put our stuff in the main lodge. Then we went to breakfast. Then we went to club. Then we met with our area for our picture then we hit the road. It was a boring ride home. I'm tired. Mattress surfing was sweet.



Blogger skies colliiide said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. I need to try this mattress surfing. And Mitch, I can't wait to see your head.

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