04 October 2010

The Weekend

This past weekend was rare. When was the last time you had a weekend that you wished never ended, because it was so incredible? This was the case for me this past weekend. My weekends generally start on Thursday because of Mountain Dew Thursday. So, Thursday evening Kyle and I headed to Roberts for MDT. It was cool hanging out with a very different crowd at MDT. I met some new friends. We had a jam session that turned into a worship session. My new friends had me play some songs that I hadn't played in a very long time. It may have been a little rusty. I think I got home from Roberts at like 1:30AM Friday morning. I got up early to help a friend move and then had lunch with my bro Sam Updike. It's always a good time hanging out with him. Friday night we had a frickin' stellar send off party for my friend Lisa who is leaving for International House of Prayer tomorrow. Our friend Matt Garlock is a beast! He made us a seven course meal which was truly incredible. He and Sam started prepping at 2 and the dinner party didn't start till 7. We probably didn't start eating until like 9. The meal we had would have cost upwards of $100 per plate in a fine dining restaurant. The best part of the night was the fact that we all were able to just relax and hang out. Great food, dancing, coffee, and just an awesome time celebrating Lisa and getting to know everyone better. I got home at like 3:30AM Saturday morning. We had a branded meeting Saturday morning and it was just an awesome time bonding and coming up with some great plans for Halloween branded. Saturday night was TFH downtown. I always have a great time hanging out with Nate and the downtown worship team before service on Saturday nights. Worship was great and Denis brought a great message on why and how we were made to pour, closing out our made for more series. After downtown, a bunch of us went to Moe's Southwestern Grill to celebrate Lisa again. We ended up going to my new friend Matt's flat afterward to continue hanging out. We all sang together, laughed together, watched some hilarious parody YouTube videos by a guy named Tim Hawkins if I'm remembering correctly, took some funny "family photos," and really just had an awesome time. I got home again at like 3:30AM and had to be at church to help with the Fuse band sound check at 6:30. I think I drank like 10 cups of black coffee yesterday along with the rock star energy drink Lisa gave me. I observed Fuse first service. I'm so proud of what God is doing in that team. I went to second service because I wanted to hear Denis' message again, because it was that good. Worship was incredible, Denis was great. After that I pretty much hung out till branded sound check. I am so thankful for the worship team last night. They tore it up. It was awesome. Mike Thomas spoke last night and his message was convicting. He has an anointing from God. The night ended at Wimpy's getting plates with my friend Alex, who is now playing drums at branded. Last night I got to bed before 11 which was wonderful.

To sum things up, this past weekend was awesome, and I wish I could relive it, but we keep on truckin'. I thank God for the people he has placed in my life and the family he has given me at TFH.

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Thrice "Beggars"


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