12 April 2009

First off, Happy Easter.

Now to blogging. There are three things that I am absolutely sure of. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour and He died on the cross for my sins so that I have forgiveness. On to number two. I am supposed to be in Red Letter Statement. I am supposed to tour with Red Letter Statement. School is not for me so I won't be going back.

I am getting so anxious for the middle of May to roll around. Red Letter Statement has about twenty shows lined up. I just need to get out of Rochester, and I need to play music everyday. I'm also stoked about having church with my brothers Adam, Alex, Joel, Sean, Brian, and Kyle everyday that we are together.

I can't wait to tour fulltime together someday.


Listening to:
Hillsong United "With Hearts As One"
The Fray "S/T"
Relient K "Five Score and Seven Years Ago"
Jesse Sprinkle "Surrounded By Lights"
The World Inside
Seven Head Division
Emery "Where Broken Hearts Prevail"
Emery "In Shallow Seas We Sail"
Emery "I'm Only A Man"
Underoath "Lost In The Sound of Separation"
Yellowcard "Paper Walls"


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