06 February 2009

Post 50

Hey. This is post number 50!

...Anyways, Got up around 11 this morning, snowblowed the driveway. At around 1:30 I decided to get my mom and I some lunch at Taco Bell since it was Mountain Dew Thursday and they have Mountain Dew Baja Blast. On my way their I realized I forgot money, so I turned around. I was kind of frustrated so I was driving too fast and got stuck in a snow bank in my neighborhood. When I say stuck, I mean stuck. I have a shovel in my car and tried shoveling myself out, but there was no way that was going to work because my drivers side front tire wasn't even touching the ground and the grand prix is front wheel drive. I walked home and grabbed a tow chain and the van and then tried to figure out how to tow the car out. I threw the grand prix into neutral and after some finagling (sp) I figured out how to get the car out. Luckily there were very few cars out today. That took up alot of my time. I finally got taco bell about an hour and a half later. At that point i was filthy and freezing so I took a warm shower. At around 5:15 i decided to leave for access. I had to stop for gas on the way and when I got to the gas station realized I left my wallet at home which is weird because I never take my wallet out of my pocket other than to pay for things. Went back home and got my wallet. When I got to church, Dave Scribani, Dillon Lovall and Josh Allyn were there and we started setting up. We soundchecked until 10 to seven then we met and prayed with the other volunteers and then we practiced one more song. Then it was time to mingle. After mingling it was time for us to play. We played 3 songs I have never played before but we are all good musicians so it worked out well. After we played, a guy named Aaron spoke and we formed groups to talk about some questions he asked us. After that we mingled some more. I talked to Dillon for a while because he went to Hillsong International Leadership College for a year and I wanted to know how he liked it because I really feel led to pursue becoming a worship leader. He said he absolutely loved it and learned a ton. I really feel like that is my number one option at this point. Part of me feels like it would be awesome to study there but I also have so much going on here and I don't want to leave. I am reminded of how in the Bible when Jesus found His disciples he asked them to leave their lives and follow him. I guess I just have a lot of praying and seeking to do. After access I went to Roberts for some Mountain Dew Thursday fun. We watched our friends play frisbee for about an hour then we headed over to Magil to hang out. It was another quiet MDT but I'm starting to like it more each time. It's like Thursday's are a time where I get to catch up with my Roberts friends who I really miss for the rest of the week. Everybody was hungry so we decided to go to wendys at around 12:30. We got there to find out that it was closed. Then we went to McDonalds and found out they were closed as well. Then we went to Wegman's but didn't really want anything there so we ended up going to Taco Bell. I dropped Josh of at Dave's house to pick up his truck and then took Sean, Amy and Christine back to Roberts. I miss them all already. I'm going to do some research on Hillsong International Leadership College, then read some more of Psalms and go to bed.


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