28 January 2009

What a day

Let me start off by saying, yesterday I was editing the settings for my blog and saw that I could set my blogger account to email people whenever I update my blog. I assumed that it would just say "mitch has created a new post on his blog" or something, but all it does is send the blog. No intro, doesn't say from Mitch's blog or anything, so for those of you that got it you were probably confused as to why I sent you an email about my day at work...

On to today. My day started off rather slowly. I woke up at around 10:00 and went downstairs for coffee. My parents were supposed to be going to Albany, for my sisters make up jazz concert that was cancelled back in october due to the weather, however, it was cancelled again due to the weather. What are the chances of that... Pretty high I guess in NYS. Anyhow, I did some laundry. I had an appointment for a guy to stop by and look at Alex's 8x10 case that he has for sale, but the guy didn't show up. I haven't heard from him at all. At around 2 my dad and I went to lunch. We went to greece hots. We got garbage plates. Greece hots' home fries suck. After we finished our meal, my dad had a conversation with me about taking the semester off, which i was neither expecting nor ready for. Basically, he just wished I had talked to him before the semester started about taking the semester off. Since I am not going to college currently, I now have to start paying for my car, car insurance and cell phone. I was already paying for gas. Now, the grand prix would be $314 a month, plus $100 for insurance, and then my cell phone bill is $70 a month. That's around half of my average monthly income, most likely more. I really can't afford that, so I proposed that I pay a one time price for the van, and drive that. My dad said he would think about it. We've come up with a deal. I'm going to paint the house and mow the lawn over the summer in exchange for the van. Works out to be around $1800. Not a bad deal. My dad also asked me if I have decided what my next step is. I'm not sure, but I feel like God is calling me to be a worship leader if Red Letter Statement doesn't work out. That means I need to start looking into some formal training for that. I have 7.5 years of drum lessons under my belt, and 9 years of drumming experience, 3 or 4 months of guitar lessons with about 4.5 years of guitar experience. I know a decent amount of chords but I am working on learning more. Elim Bible institute is a possibility, as is Roberts Wesleyan College. I'd also like to hopefully get an internship at The Father's House or possibly another church in Rochester. Hopefully within the next month or so I will be co-leading on a sunday at church, from Rythym electric. I am having a meeting with Larry, Andrea and Luke about it on Monday. Hopefully Denis and/or Pierre will be able to make it as well.

Tonight I went to One Thing worship at Church. John Allison lead tonight. He used to be a D.J. on 102.7 the Light. I liked the feel of worship tonight. Less gospelly... During soundcheck they played the song Once Again by Matt Redman. They didn't end up playing it during the service though. That was somewhat disapointing, but other than that service was great. I want to go tomorrow but I have to work till close. I'll be there on Friday though. I'm working till 8 on saturday, hopefully I'll get out early so I can go.

I want to get a decent acoustic/electric guitar... like a martin, taylor or a gibson, or just anything that sounds decent. I really like jumbo acoustics.


Listening To:
David Crowder Band "A Collision"
Chris Tomlin "See The Morning"
Lincoln Brewster "Let the Praises Ring"


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