25 January 2009

Derry P.A./Home Day 3

Today was our final day at TFHPA. We got to the church at around 9:30 to have breakfast/coffee and to do a little sound check. After sound check we mingled with our new friends and we did our pre-worship prayer session. We started off the set today with Take it all. I knew all of the songs we were playing today so It was alot easier for me to engage in worship. After playing around 5 songs, Larry's dad, Larry spoke for a bit. He told the story of The Father's House Fellowship. How they formed after another church split up. How there has been sickness, members have lost their jobs, husbands have walked out on wives, fathers on their children, yet the members of the church have pressed on through the trials they've been going through. Larry paraphrased a verse out of Job. If you've never read Job, basically anything that could have gone wrong for Job did, but he kept worshipping God and kept his faith, and he pulled through. Knowing what TFHPA has been through, I believe that their hearts are in the right place and they are reaching people, because I believe that everything they have been going through is the enemy trying to get them down. Larry said that he felt like God brought us there this weekend for a specific purpose. I believe that as well. For one thing, their church has the same name as ours. Also, our Larry and Scott gave pretty much the same message yesterday, without talking to each other about it before hand, and because when we left, none of us wanted to leave because of the bonds we had formed with each other. I feel like TFHPA ministered to us just as we ministered to them, but most importantly, God worked in us this weekend. We drove from the church to Larry's house, and then I went straight to New Testament Christian Church to worship. It was my first time leading alone from the acoustic, and I really was able to engage. I feel like being a worship leader could be a calling for my life if touring doesn't work out, or possibly when I'm done touring.


Listening To:
Hillsong United With Hearts as One
The Almost Southern Weather
Spitalfield Stop Doing Bad Things
Underoath Define The Great Line
Jon Foreman
Steve Fee
Mute Math
Thrice Vheissu


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