22 September 2008


Someone please save us, us College Kids, what my parents told me, is what I did, They said go to school and be a college kid, but in the end, I questioned why I did.

So I guess I'm a college kid now. The only class that i really like that I am taking is Techniques of Audio Recording I.

I suck at music theory so I got a 38% on my first quiz. I'm also not in a theory lab because I got wait listed because my mom didn't pay on time. If you're not in theory lab, you pretty much can't pass theory because they combine the grades. All I know is if i fail theory this semester, I'm not taking 5 semesters. I'll go for the four I said I would.

Physics of Sound makes no sense. I guess the music teachers used to teach it and it was a blast. Now they have the science teachers teaching it and my proffeser speaks very quietly and over explains everything to where he makes it more difficult than it needs to be, thus I haven't understood a single concept in that class, other that if you put a weight at the end of a spring, it's equilibrium is disturbed.

English 101 wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't a minimester. Two nights a week, from 5:30-8:20. We get a bit of a break, but the teacher makes us read during the break. I'm just glad that we'll be done with that class before the end of october.

Keyboard lab is annoying. I know it's important to learn piano, but i don't really want to.

Percussion lessons seemed like they were going to be awesome the first lesson, then at my second lesson, she started making me hold the sticks differently. I want to hold them how I am comfortable. Also, the first lesson she listened to me play some snare stuff to determine my playing level. I'm a level 6 but she's starting me at 4. So she recomended the intermediate snare book, which is cool, but she didn't hear me play mallets and recomended the intermediate mallets book, and I'm definately at a beginner level with mallets.

Jazz band is ok. Geoff Smith is really laid back and awesome. He doesn't really know what direction we're going in musically, so he finds random things for us to play, i don't have drum music which is different but cool. In high school, I always had music, but didn't really use it except to get the feel of the piece, so without music it's a little more difficult to get the feel. I enjoy a challenge though.

I think I covered everything

I've made more friends visiting Sean at Roberts than I have at FLCC.


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Hang in there buddy. The first semester at college is always the hardest. It will get better as you get used to it.

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