30 May 2008

Crunch Time

So, it's 1:30 AM on a school night... or morning, and I'm awake. This doesn't happen usually. Graduation is approaching faster and faster, and if I don't do something now, I might not walk the stage. Why am I such a procrastinator? I am taking a little break from my senior portfolio, which is due tomorrow, 1st period. I need to think about something else for a little bit. I just went for a walk around the block, which I haven't really done in a while. I'm pumped full of caffiene right now. I can't believe I am an adult now. It's actually kind of scary to think about. I know where I want to go in life. I have my hopes and aspirations, but now after 18 years, It's really starting to hit me that if I want to reach my goals, I need to work towards them now. If you're reading this, you must know that I want to play music for a living. I want to tour full time with my brothers, Sean Pritzkau, Alexander Regelsberger, Joel Will and Adam Erickson. I don't care if the lifestyle isn't glorious. It's what I want. In order to reach my goals, i need to start saving money now. I need a job. I have been applying to various places around town and haven't heard anything yet. I need to earn at least $200 to pay for my portion of recording this summer, I need to by a few new cymbals, stands, a double kick pedal, and a custom set. I need to save towards the trailer that we are going to buy soon, I need to save to help pay for a new van before we go on tour next summer, I need to save for tour next summer. I'm also going to be paying for insurance and gas on the van, starting in August, when I move out, and start college at Finger Lakes Community College. As you can tell, I really need a job, so If anyone knows of anything, let me know.


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