13 March 2007

How Long is To Long...

When you're waiting by the phone?... Sorry. It's been a while since my last post. Actually, a while is putting it nicely. One of the most important things that has happened to me since my last post is that I am now a licensed driver. I got my license on January 30th. I drive my parents' Dodge Ram Conversion Van most of the time. It's sweet. Also, my band, Crank 211 broke up. I don't really feel like trying to remember everything that happened so I won't. I just post the most recent stuff. On February 24th, I went to Mike Tandle from LastPageFirst's wedding. I saw Nate and James from LPF there as well. It was cool. Last weekend JukeVox went to competition in Albany. It was our best performance ever. We were the best, but we placed 4th. Oh well. On Saturday, my mom and I drove down to Pennsylvania for the final Last Tuesday show ever. It was fun, yet sad. It was good seeing Tank, Carl and Ben again, but I missed Steve. He lives in Nashville now. Carl is going to Costa Rica, Chris is staying in Harrisburg, P.A. for a bit and Ben is going to work at a Starbuck's in Pittsburgh. I'm going to miss that band. I don't really know what else to post about. That's why I don't blog very often. The weather has been nice in Rochester since like Friday. I love it. My birthday is next Thursday. I'll be 17. I'm playing in the main sanctuary at church on Wednesday.

Thats it.



Blogger skies colliiide said...

Mitched posted a blog!
You made my day! hahaha

I knew all that stuff.
Except... no.... waitt...

your name isn't really spelled with two l's, is it?

12:30 AM  

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