26 December 2006

Long Overdue for a blog.

Well, it has been over a month since I last posted a blog. Alot has happened. One of the most important things I can think of to write about is that my favorite band is breaking up. On December 4th Steve Gee of Last Tuesday told the world about his "Tough Decision." The band Last Tuesday was founded in 1999 with the basic understanding that we never know when the Lord will take us, therefore, we should live everyday of our lives as if it is our last. They have gone through many line-up changes as a band, and their current and final line-up is Steve Gee, Carl Emmons, Chris Murk, and Ben Hannigan. Steve is the only remaining founding member of the idiot circus known as Last Tuesday. Steve Gee attended Messiah College and was an English teacher, until 2002, when he decided to quit teaching to tour full time, as he had felt that was what the Lord wanted him to do. In June of 2006, Steve married an awesome girl named Kristen who for the past 6 months has been their merch girl. Steve now feels like the Lord is calling him to do something different. The band played their final hometown show with Steve on December 9th at The Championship in LeMoyne Pennsylvania. Carl, Chris, and Ben will be performing a final tour in February and March with someone who hasn't yet been announced. Out of the eight years Last Tuesday has been in existance, I have known them for four years, and in that time I have develope great friendships with all of the members, even though I have seen them less than 20 times. My family has housed the band twice and we have gone out to dinner together 4 or 5 times. It saddens me to think that the band is done, however, I know that whatever God has planned for Steve is going to be awesome, and I hope that Ben, Carl and Chris continue playing together.



Blogger skies colliiide said...


That's sad to hear about Last Tuesday.
Such a great band.

But I believe a lot of other things happened in last month besides them breaking up. Didn't you?


12:09 AM  
Blogger Joe Fool said...

lastpagefirst broke up too. Lead singer Jeremy Call wanted to do something else I suppose. Mike Tandle got married. James Longstreet still wants to play I think. And my friend Nate Gregory wants to get really involved in the music industry. Isn't that nice?

7:29 PM  

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