19 November 2006

A Week in Review

Claim: I have come to the realization that I am not a very good Blogger. Evidence: I have not posted in a week. Interpretation: Therefore, in order to become a more effective blogger, I must post more blogs.

Anyway, perhaps a lot has happened this week. I'm not sure. I guess we'll find out by how lengthy this blog turns out to be. Monday I went to school and did stuff. After school my parents and I had a meeting with Angela Fuller (My chemistry teacher.) Now I have to do my homework everynight at the kitchen table, go in for the last half hour of advisement on A days, and stay after on Mondays and Fridays. After that, my dad and I came home and unloaded some furniture that my mom bought on eBay from the van. Then I practiced my drums, fed my fish, and went to my drum lesson with Primo. After that I had worship practice at church.

Tuesday: I went to school and did stuff. I asked Mr. Greene if I could pick up the new bass drum head from Ron Cicero because I was getting sick of carrying mine in or using the old one. I went home, called Ron, picked up the head, came home, played a little bass (actually it's a full scale bass) and then I had voice lessons with Mr. Jansson.

Wednesday: I went to school and did stuff. After school and band, I had JukeVox, and we began recording to send in for the National High School Acapella Championships or something like that. The thing is, it has to be a single take live recording, which was hard. Wednesday night, I played acoustic guitar for the Junior High kids at church.

Thursday: I went to school and did stuff. After school and band, I had JukeVox, and we recorded again. I went home and did absolutely nothing except chemistry homework.

Friday: I went to school, took a math test, went to choir and at the end of choir JukeVox recorded. I stayed after school with Angela and worked on my deciroom lab. After that my mom and I went to Cadence and Zebb's and then home. We did nothing for the whole night.

Saturday: I woke up, had breakfast, went to Albany to see Katie play the flute, hung out with her for a while and drove home.

Now: I am going to church


Blogger Joe Fool said...

First comment from random fellow blogger and fellow LastPageFirst listener.

I am not a good blogger either.

And don't you dare get freaked out because someone you don't know commented on your blog. It is on the internet after all.

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