30 December 2006

Yamaha MG 16/4


It has been a relaxing, and fairly uneventful Christmas Break so far. Friday Katie took me to Guitar Center to by strings for the guitar I am borrowing from my next door neighbor. Saturday I don't remember what I did until like 3:30PM, when I went to church to load in and set up my drums for 6 services; 3 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday. When everybody else showed up, we practiced a few songs. Only a few people showed up to 1st service so we played an acoustic set. 2nd service there was alot of people so we played like normal, and then 3rd service no one showed up so we decorated the C4 room for Christmas Eve. After church on Saturday, Dave, Sean, Megan, Bethany and I all went over to the Scribani's household. Malorie (sp), Lisa, Al and Cindy were already there so we joined them. It was pretty fun. Sean and I slept over and Dave's Grandma came to pick us up for Church in the morning. Bekah Nowak was our leader!!!!! We missed Andrea, but it had been so long since Bekah led for the youth service. The 4th-6th services were fairly uneventful. After church, I went out Christmas shopping with my dad, my uncle and my sister. It was interesting. The mall sucks on Christmas Eve. On Monday, Christmas day, I woke up late. 9:30Am. When I got up, Katie was already up, so I made some coffee, and she woke up my parents. We opened our gifts. I got a new drum throne, some drum sticks, a DVD, and an IOU for $350. Tuesday... I don't remember what I did Tuesday. Wednesday I went to Breakfast at Pete and Bridget's house with Sean and Dave. Sean gave me a new Bible, which is sweet. Yesterday, Thursday, I pretty much cleaned all day with Katie and My mom, and then we had our next door neighbors, the Stoltes over for dinner. My mom made sauce like my Great Grandma used to with meatballs and sausage and shortribs, so good. I had fun hanging out with my neighbors. Today I woke up and had some Coffee with my dad and Katie. We watched a movie on T.V. and then we went to the bank. My dad gave me the $350 from Christmas and then we went to Wegmans. When we got home, we ate lunch, and then I went outside to play football with the neighbors. Murphy rolled in his own crap so we hosed him down. After that, I went inside and played guitar for a bit. Then Katie and her friend Sarah came over. They watched part of a movie on TCM and then left. After that, Katie took me to guitar center. I bought a new mixer, the Yamaha MG 16/4, along with a Shure SM58 Microphone. I now need to buy a power amp for the mixer. For those of you who don't know what a mixer is, it is what you plug microphones into and use to power speakers. After Guitar Center, Katie and I went to Zebb's for dinner. Katie asked our server if she would tell our dad that his kids were there, and the server said "you mean you guys are Kyle's actual real litterally kids?" Aparantly my dad must have fake kids. I got chicken tenders with french fries and they were good. After Zebb's Katie and I went to Java's and I got something really good that Katie recomended. After that we went home and I opened up my new mixer and microphone. The mixer is sweet but its a little quiet without a power amp. I couldn't try out my microphone because Josh Sime accidentally packed up my XLR cable's with his stuff after Holiday Havoc week. Hopefully I'll get those back soon. Well, I'm off to bed, tomorrow I have an appointment at the Apple Store to get my iPod fixed.

Good Night



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