30 August 2007

It's been a while

Did you miss me? I haven't posted since may, its almost september. Looks like we have a lot of catching up to do. First off, On June 2nd I went to see Hillsong United at The Molson Ampitheatre in Toronta (Greg if you are reading this, they are from Hillsong Church which is in Sydney Australia near where you are.) We (meaning myself along with a few other members of the youth worship team and youth pastor at The Father's House got to go to conferences with Starfield, United and Phil Dooley. That was pretty awesome. The concert was amazing as well. Then at the end of June I got hired at Carbone's pizzeria, and have been working alot this summer. I've made a decent amount of money there. On July 25th the C4 Youth Band at church played/recorded a DVD in the main sanctuary at church. Things seemed to have been going great until the last week of July. First our family van broke down while I was driving it (it's fine now) Then my Grandfather passed away on July 31st. I miss him alot. Then my dad lost his job. There isn't a whole lot of news since then other than that I bought a new guitar earlier in the month. It is an Epiphone Les Paul Custom in Alpine White finish with Gold hardware, which is a higher end epiphone. I like it alot. Today I had a jazz ensemble rehearsal at school and we will be playing on Tuesday for the freshman and then on Thursday (first day of school) for the seniors (class of '08... woot!.) Maybe I'll try to post updates more often.


CD's Purchased Since Last Post:
Hillsong United "All of the Above"
The Hoodies "A Place on Solid Ground"
The Academy Is... "Santi"
The Almost "Southern Weather"
Chasing Victory "Fiend"
MxPx "Secret Weapon"
Sum 41 "Underclass Hero"
Yellowcard "Paper Walls"

Upcoming Releases:
Emery "I'm Only a Man" 10/02/07
Thrice "The Alchemy Index Vol I & II: Fire and Water" 10/16/07
New Relient K Christmas Album Octoberish


Blogger Greg and Sharryn said...

Hey Mitch. Found your blog. Wow, Carbones. The Best Wings Ever. I can still taste them after 20 years. I'll be taking Sharryn there when we make it up there. We'll be A/Bing them against the great Duffs wings in Buffalo. Then Abbotts for dessert.

We are impressed with your writing. Sharryn says it must run in the family.

Later, Greg

3:57 AM  

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