10 July 2008

Getting Pulled Over


Happy Mountain Dew Thursday. I just got home from a sweet hang out sesh with Kyle Sullivan and Sean Pritzkau. So Sean and I were hanging out, when Kyle IMed him and said he was biking over. Naturally, Sean and I decided to pick him up, being that it was 11:40PM and we didn't want him to miss the first few minutes of Mountain Dew Thursday. After picking him up, we proceeded back to Sean's house. As I turned onto Stone Road, I passed one cop, and then another. The first cop did a U-Turn in the intersection, and the second cop just hopped over a side walk, instead of using the parking lot entrance two feet away. They cops proceeded to pull me over. I thought I was wanted or something. Two cops, thats crazy. Right when I pulled over, I started looking for my registration, and I got that for him and my license. Then he asked me if I knew why he pulled me over, and I said no, and he told me my head lights weren't on. What the heck. I must have accidentally turned them off when I was turning the inside lights off. Anyhow, he went back to his car, and took like ten minutes trying to find something to book me on. When he finally came back, he was like, "98% I pull someone over for not having their headlights on, they're drunk. You aren't drunk, but the judge might not believe that, so I'm giving you a ticket for having a loud muffler." I'm sort of glad I got the loud muffler ticket, because tomorrow I just have to bring it down to my mechanic and have it signed off, and then go to greece town court and everything will be all set. no penalty, no points on my license. If it had been the headlights ticket, that could have been expensive. I think a ticket for having a muffler that is too loud is B.S. however. I have a truck engine in my van, so that is why it is loud, but it isn't rediculously loud. When is the last time a cop pulled someone over on a Harley because their muffler was too loud. Who cares how loud a car is. Ok, i'm done ranting and I am going to go to sleep now, because i need to get up in time to have my loud muffler checked out.


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Blogger skies colliiide said...

so ridiculos. Fun night!

11:25 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

Sounds like an exciting and probably nerve racking night. I've gotten two speeding tickets, and those are no fun at all. They made my insurance go way up for almost three years. Luckily, they are off my record now.

That's pretty funny how the cop jumped the sidewalk - he must have been antsy for some drunk-guy antics or something.

8:49 PM  

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