23 January 2009

Derry P.A. Day 1

Today was day one of a road trip to Derry, Pennsylvania to lead worship at Larry's parents church. We made really good time getting here. We left at around noon and got here in like 4.5 hours. Sean rode with me and Samson (name courtesy of Amy Bartholomew) , my iPod provided the tunes. Shuffle mode was very pleasing. We stopped for lunch at McDonald's in Cuba, NY and then we continued on. I ran out of windshield washer fluid about an hour and a half after lunch so we stopped to get some. Then  we finished out trek. I find it kind of ironic that the church we are serving at this weekend is called The Father's House Fellowship and we attend The Father's House back in Rochester. When we arrived at TFHPA we unloaded our equipment and talked with Larry's parents for a while well we waited for The rest of our caravan to arrive with the rest of our equipment. My drums sound really bad isolated in a small room, and it was a little difficult to adjust to being so isolated. At TFHNY my drums are isolated, but not completely. We had pizza dinner provided by TFHPA. After dinner we practiced about six songs. I think we are adjusting well to the new room. We practiced 5 of our songs and then TFHPA's worship leader taught us a new song, which I believe was by Chris Tomlin. Tomorrow morning we have to get up at like 7:30Am for breakfast and devotional led by Sean. Then I think we have more practicing or something. Right now we are hanging out a Jim from TFHPA's house. It was very gracious of him and his wife open up there house to us. We're jamming acoustic. 

More bloggness tomorrow. 


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