24 January 2009

Derry P.A. Day 2

So today was day two of the trip. We were supposed to get up at like 7:30 to get to the church at 8 but I set my alarm for 8:30AM for some reason, so we woke up to Krystal Simpson yelling at us to get up. We drank coffee and got to the church at probably 8:45. We did some worshipping together and then Sean spoke for a little while. He did a really good job, and nailed his point really well. When things happen to us, we can't let it ruin our day. We need to put our trust in God to get us through. I was able to relate to that really well, because I have bad days alot, and I need to learn to just lay it before God. After Sean spoke, we had an amazing breakfast prepared by Mrs. Moore. Ski Eggs, French Toast Casarole and the best bacon ever. After that we did a "soundcheck." It ended up being us worshipping together, and then Scott, the worship leader from TFHPA talking for about an hour about what or whom we worship. Alot of times, we may not even realize it, but we place things in our lives before God. The ironic thing about it was that about 3 weeks ago Larry and Andrea talked about the same topic at TFHNY. After Scott gave his message, we worshipped some more. Then we went to Dino's Sports Bar for lunch, which was voted the best place for wings in P.A. Sean, Adam, Jim and I each ordered twenty wings. Sean finished 14, Jim finished 16, I finished 18 and Adam finished all 20. After lunch, we went back to Jim and Karen's house and took naps. Sean and I woke up once again to Krystal yelling at us. Then we headed to the church again to practice some songs. Then Larry spoke, and he spoke again on worship, and on what we believe. Alot of times, people say I am a sinner, but it is through Christ's grace that I am saved. By labeling ourselves as sinners, we are setting ourselves up for failure. We need to define ourselves how we should be. After Larry talked we had about half an hour before the worship service started. We had a 15 song set list. It was awesome. I think thats the most we've ever played together. I didn't know about half of the songs, so It was hard for me to engage in worship during those songs because I was concentrating so hard on not messing up. For the songs that I knew, it was much easier for me to engage. The little room that I play in has a window and a fan, and it was much colder today than yesterday, so It was awesome to not sweat for once while playing the drums. After the worship service we mingled for a bit, then we went to Sheetz to get some provisions. Then we proceeds to Larry's parents house to hang out for a bit. Now we're back at Jim and Karen's relaxing. I'm about to go take a shower. More tomorrow when I get home. 


Listening to:
Steve Fee
Story of The Year In The Wake of Determination
David Crowder Band A Collision
Chris Tomlin


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