26 January 2009

I don't like thinking of titles for blog posts.

Today I had to get up super early because I worked from 8:00Am-1:00PM. The work day actually went by fairly quickly, because i had some prep work to do for like the first 3 hours which kept me busy. After work, I came home and made myself a dang quesadilla. We didn't have any sour cream which was depressing. After taking a shower, I went to Bluebrick Recordings to visit Jesse Sprinkle and return to him the guitar cabs and martin acoustic/electric we borrowed for the Pennsylvania trip as well at to get our Mesa cab that I left for collateral. After Bluebrick, I went to get gas and a car wash. Don't go to the gas station at the corner of paul road and chili ave to get a car wash. It is the worst car wash ever. I think there is still soap on my car. Then I went to church for a worship team meeting. We listened to the people who were at TFHNY this weekend talk about how awesome church was, and then we told them how awesome church at TFHPA was. How awesome is it that on saturday both teams had spontaneous worship sessions, with only a few leaders from each church present. We took communion together, which was awesome, because we haven't done that in a while. Then we proceeded across the street for One Thing. Every evening this week there are worship services at church starting at 7. It was incredible. Afterwards I visited with my Roberts friends and talked to a few people from church. I'm really glad I was able to fellowship with my friends tonight. I just watched a sweet video podcast that Amy Bartholomew made for us of her visit to the recording studio. You should watch it as well.

Red Letter Statement #6 from Sean Pritzkau on Vimeo.

Listening To:
David Crowder Band "A Collision"
Hillsong United "With Hearts as One"
Switchfoot "The Beautiful Letdown"
The Almost "Southern Weather"
Anberlin "Never Take Friendship Personal"
Brooke Fraser "Albertine"
Mae "The Everglow"
Spitalfield "Stop Doing Bad Things"
Thrice "The Alchemy Index Vol II: Water"
Underoath "Lost in the Sound of Separation"


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