31 January 2009

Decent Day

Today i got up fairly early because i had to work at 10. I left early so I could get some coffee on my way. I used to like Dunkin's Carmel Swirl Latte alot. Now not so much. Granted it is still far superior to anything served at Timmy Ho's, but going to Jitter's and Leaf and Bean recently has spoiled me. The only think better about Dunkin is the price. I got to work about 15 minutes early which was good because I needed to change anyway. It was weird today, work was pretty busy. All of the crazy people were out. My shift was over at 3 so I got some bourbon and sesame chicken with white rice from famous cajun next door. I came home, relaxed for a bit and showered, then I got gas for the van, and then I went to Jitters, got a Grande Carmel Latte with an extra shot of espresso. I read six chapters of Job there and then they started cooking bacon so I left because it was making me hungry and distracting me. I went over to Roberts to pick up my friends for One Thing. A bunch of people piled into the van. I think my favorite night of One Thing was Wednesday. After One Thing, we went to Roberts and headed over to the Hale auditorium for some free pizza and a free screening of Wall-e. I really wanted to see Wall-e so i was glad we did that. It was a good movie. After the movie we walked over to magil. On the walk over we had a spontaneous kind of half snow fight. It was cold. When we got to magil we tried to figure out what to do. Amy got some bored games and we proceeded to the library to play, but that didn't seem like a good spot so we went to miner but that also didn't seem like a good spot so we went to the Voller Athletic center and played Apples to Apples on the pool table. Now I'm home, blogging. I'm going to go read some Job. Only ten chapters left. Next I wanna read Psalms, which works out because it's the next book.


Listening To:

A Kiss For Jersey Victims

Hillsong United With Hearts As One

Mae The Everglow

Spitalfield Stop Doing Bad Things

Anberlin Never Take Friendship Personal


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Peace be with you

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