01 February 2009

Long Day

Today I woke up at around 8:15 to go to Saturday morning prayer at 9. For some reason, out of the handful of times I have gone to SMP at Church, I have had trouble engaging. Today I ended up just finishing the book of Job. I'm about to start Psalms. After prayer, Luke, Sean, Alex Aiezza, Anthony, Larry, Brian Saville, Omari Morgan and I went across he street to set up the C4 room for service tomorrow. After I set my drums up, I had to leave for work. For some reason today I felt very weak and tired, and sad. I don't know why. I got out of work early at 6:30 so I could go to One Thing at Church. By the end of service, I was feeling so much better. After one thing, Sean, Katie, Amy, Beth, Mark and I went to Starry Nites Coffee shop on University Ave. The coffee was really good. There was a hippie band playing. We played scrabble. Mark and I one. Amy and I beat everybody else back to Roberts, then offered to drive some of our friends to tim hortons. We went to the Cafe area of Roberts and played Scattergories. I think Mark won. Now I'm going to be. 


Listening To:

Thrice Vheissu
Thrice The Alchemy Index Vol II: Water
Thrice Live at The House of Blues Anaheim
Spitalfield Stop Doing Bad Things
Paramore RIOT!
Switchfoot The Beautiful Letdown
Anberlin Blueprints of the Black Market
The Almost Southern Weather
Mae The Everglow


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