02 February 2009

Today I had to get up really early for work. I was prepping today. My work day went by pretty quickly actually. When I got home I had some left over pulled pork. I took a shower and ended up falling asleep in the shower for like an hour. It was probably the best nap ever. Then I got ready to go to worship practice. I picked Mason up. When we got to practice we did some sound checking. I played "acoustic" (aka clean electric through the acoustic D.I.) and sang a little for the first half of practice. I also helped teach the new songs. We had a little meeting and found out that I won't be playing in Big Church this Sunday, pretty bummed about that. Then the second half of musicians went on stage and learned the songs, and I played drums. After practice I took Krystal, Kenneth and Mason home. Now I'm home.

Listening To:

Mae The Everglow
Gatsby's Americam Dream Volcano
The Academy Is... Santi
Spitalfield Stop Doing Bad Things
Story of the Year The Black Swan
Thrice The Alchemy Index Vol II: Water
Underoath They're Only Chasing Safety


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