07 February 2009

Totally My Hat

I fell asleep on the couch last night when I got home so I didn't blog yesterday. I also didn't read. I think I need to plan on reading earlier in the day.

My hair is getting really long. When I'm at work I want to cut it, when I'm anywhere else I don't.

I found a hat at fuse yesterday. My hat now. Totally my hat. speaking of fuse, those kids are out of control, haha. I probably was when I was that age too.

My dad bought me new jeans yesterday. I'm pretty excited about that. Mine had a hole in a place there shouldn't be a hole. I thought about learning how to sew.

This morning I went to rGen training. The first half was with rLife and i decided to run the iPod. I'm told I did a good job with that. Apparently it's more important than I thought. The second half of training we moved into the old c4 room with just rGen leaders and apprentices. I have a really hard time being serious. Sam Guenther almost got separated. After rGen training I packed up my drums and grabbed Sam Updike's bass. In other news, my phone decided it likes taking naps randomly and turns off. I think I need to buy a new one when I have money which will be never. I'm working 30+/- hours a week, but I have lots of stuff I have to pay for. $40 a week for phone and car insurance, and then we have recording bills for Red Letter Statement. Both of my crashes are cracked so I need to save up about $600 for two new ones and I'm going to need new drum heads again soon.

Lincoln Brewster is really good.

I worked 4-close today. This was my first time at Camille's that we had customers still sitting in the store after close. They had finished their food but wanted to sit and talk. ugh... I worked an extra half hour though, so that's like $4 before taxes.

Check out The Almost's version of Your Love Is Extravagant.


Listening To:

The Almost "Southern Weather" "No Gift To Bring E.P."
Underoath "Define The Great Line" "Lost in the Sound of Separation"
Hillsong United "With Hearts As One" "All The Above"
Hillsong "Saviour King" "This Is Our God"
David Crowder Band "A Collision"
Story of The Year "The Black Swan"
Switchfoot "The Beautiful Letdown"
The Academy Is... "Fast Times At Barrington High"
Delirious "Now Is The Time"
Mae "The Everglow"
Paramore "RIOT!"
Spitalfield "Stop Doing Bad Things"
Thrice "Vheissu"


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