09 February 2009

Day Off

I had the day off from work today which was nice. I slept in a bit and got up around 10:30 i think. At around noon I went and got lunch for the fam. After Lunch I listened to my copy of the new The Highway Beautiful C.D. which came in the mail today. I am really happy I got it. Also, I found out that blink-182 announced that they are back together!!!! So Stoked! They are recording a new album that is due out this summer. I love blink. I took my mom out to run some errands today, we went to the bank, the social security place, rite aid and another bank. When I came home I started filling out my application for Hillsong International Leadership College. I was about 20 minutes into the application when I accidentally clicked log off on my mom's computer. I'm beginning to think maybe there was a reason I was unable to complete my application today. Maybe I'm supposed to wait. I guess It's just something I need to pray about. I helped teach songs at worship practice today. There were issues with the sound system today, so we got off to kind of a late start. We ended up reviewing the two songs we worked on last week. I'm Not Ashamed and Need You Here. Hopefully next week I will be able to teach Tell The World. After worship practice we had our monthly Big Leaders meeting. Let's just say for all of you c4 kids out there, we've got big plans in store. Get stoked.


Listening To:

The Highway Beautiful "Love Letters, Soap Boxes & Dirty Laundry"
Switchfoot "Learning To Breathe" "Oh! Gravity."
The Almost "Southern Weather"
Brooke Fraser "Albertine"
Dead Poetic "Vices" "New Medicines"
Hillsong United "With Hearts As One"
The Hoodies "Endings E.P."
Oh, Sleeper "When I Am God"
Thrice "The Alchemy Index Vol I & II Fire and Water" "Vheissu"


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