08 May 2009


So Red Letter Statement is doing a Hot Topic tour this summer, May 14th-July 10th at a bunch of the Hot Topic stores across NYS with one HT in New Jersey and a couple venue shows thrown in for good measure. Our first date is next Thursday, May 14th at the Walden Galleria in Buffalo. We've done a ton to prepare but I still feel completely unprepared. A lot has happened for RLS is the first 5 months of '09. In January we recorded at Bluebrick Recordings in Avon, NY with Jesse Sprinkle. We recorded 8 songs which are finally being mixed and mastered right now at Echo Bass Studios in Buffalo, NY. The original plan was to have Randy Torres from project 86 mix the E.P. and Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 master it. Not being able to get a hold of Randy Torres and finding out Jason Martin wanted $2500 instead of $600 put a damper on the situation. Aaron Sprinkle was supposed to be mixing our single, but he's been super busy. We've only played 3 shows so far in '09 because we've been working on so many other things. We have 3 new t shirt designs and a 4th on the way for the tour. I believe we will still be selling what we have left of the old ones making a total of 5 t shirt designs available currently. Our E.P. will not be ready for next Friday, at Marketplace, which was supposed to be our E.P. release show. We bought a trailer a couple weeks ago thanks to some help from Alex's dad. It is registered and insured, now we just need to get the hitch and wiring installed on the van. Our good friend Josh Allyn is working on hooking us up with a deal on that. We will be providing our own P.A. equipment for the Hot Topic dates, so we purchased mains and monitors on Monday, and we already have a mixer, power amp, mics, cables, speaker stands and mic stands. We've all been working on upgrading our equipment. Sean and Joel got some new pedals, Alex bought an Ampeg SVT Classic head which sounds uber, Joel got a Marshall JCM 900 head, thanks to Alex which also sounds uber, I got a Zildjian 21" Sweet ride for my birthday thanks to my parents, and I'm sure there are other things we are forgetting. We got a boat load of posters for all of our Hot Topic dates for free thanks to Alex's dad, and Alex and I spent the better part of Sunday afternoon sorting through those. We've hung up/handed out most of the posters for Rochester. Adam went to Bamboozle with AP Printing, where we got all of our new shirts printed and was able to make some great connections there, and the rep from victory labels passed out our demos, which consist of our new single, "Set The Standard" and another song, "Three Feet Away From Things That Burn." It's funny, I named both of those tracks. Monetarily we've all been drained pretty much dry. Jesse Sprinkle has graced me with a snare to use for the summer, which is awesome because mine has been acting up. As a band we have been blessed so much this year. There is so much more that I feel that we need, but God is good and has provided every time we have needed thus far. Please keep us in your prayers, because we need it. Pray that God will provide us with the finances to get us through this summer, pray that our van will be able to perform mechanically for us, pray that we are musically ready, and pray most of all that we are spiritually ready. As a band we really want to be a ministry, but like everyone we struggle with different things in our personal lives. Pray that we don't but heads too much. Pray that we'll have a good time. You guys mean the world to us, and your support is greatly appreciated and won't go unnoticed. Look for the single on our myspace very soon, and the E.P. should be out by the end of the month, provided that we have the finances to press it.

Thank You.

Mitch VanDenBerghe
Red Letter Statement

Tour Dates:
5.14 Walden Galleria Hot Topic Buffalo, NY
5.15 Marketplace Mall Hot Topic Rochester, NY
5.22 Waterstreet Music Hall Rochester, NY
w/Remember Tomorrow
5.28 Rotterdam Square Mall Hot Topic Rotterdam, NY
6.2 Palisades Center Mall Hot Topic West Nyack, NY
6.3 Garden State Plaze Hot Topic Paramus, NJ
6.4 Galleria at Crystal Run Hot Topic Middletown, NY
6.5 Hudson Valley Mall Hot Topic Kingston, NY
6.12 Salmon Run Mall Hot Topic Watertown, NY
6.19 Chatauqua Mall Hot Topic Lakewood, NY
6.25 Oakdale Mall Hot Topic Johnson City, NY
6.26 Arnot Mall Hot Topic Horseheads, NY
6.27 Venue Corning, NY
7.7 Galleria of White Plains Hot Topic White Plains, NY
7.8 Queens Center Mall Hot Topic New York, NY
7.10 South Shore Mall Hot Topic Bayshore, NY
7.11 Venue Rochester, NY
8.13 Summer C4MP Keuka, NY
8.14 Summer C4MP Keuka, NY
8.15 Summer C4MP Keuka, NY
8.16 Summer C4MP Keuka, NY

Listening To:
The Fray S/T
The Chariot Wars and Rumors Of Wars
Blindside The Great Depression
Underoath Define The Great Line
Bleach Farewell Old Friends
Saosin S/T
The Devil Wears Prada With Roots Above and Branches Below
Emery While Broken Hearts Prevail
Oh, Sleeper When I Am God
Emery I'm Only A Man
Vice Grip If You Show Me Yours
Underoath Lost In The Sound Of Separation
Thrice Live at The House of Blues Anaheim
MXPX Secret Weapon
MXPX Let's Rock
MXPX Before Everything and After


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