16 June 2009

Always growing

These last 2 weeks have been great for me. 2 weeks ago tonight, we had a talk as a band about all the stupid crap we all have done and how we need to change and be role models. Since then I have been in the word every day except one, and have kicked two habbits. This change has helped immensely. Being in the word has brought me closer to God, and in doing so, I feel as though it prepared me for leading worship with my Fuse team at church on Sunday for the first time. Last Monday, Luke talked to all of the leaders at the big leaders meeting and let us know we were out of line. I had already begun the process of trying to change, but his words really spoke to me. I think what hit me the hardest, almost to the point of breaking down, was when he brought three of the youth on stage and told us that was who we were hurting by living the way we were. I am so glad he called us all out. Accountability is so important. On top of trying to get on the right track spiritually, I am trying to live a more healthy life. Adam and I started jogging together yesterday. I felt like I was going to throw up, but I went jogging this morning by myself and I'm already starting to get used to it. These past couple weeks have been great. I refuse to go back there ever again.

Listening To:
Hillsong United All of The Above
Across the Earth
I Heart Revolution: With Hearts As One
Bleach Farewell Old Friends
Emery In Shallow Seas We Sail
While Broken Hearts Prevail
I'm Only A Man
Underoath Lost In The Sound of Separation
Define The Great Line
Saosin S/T
Relient K mmhmm

01 June 2009

Your attitude is what you make it.

I had an epiphany today. You decide how your day is going to turn out by what attitude you have. This morning I woke up super bummed because of what happened last night (saturday.) I got to church around 7 for sound check and played all my parts correctly but my heart wasn't in the right place. I had a talk with Larry and Andrea about being bummed because they could clearly tell, and then I talked with Joel about it when we went to Wegmans to pick up swedish fish for Jesse's message. As I was talking to Joel, I decided that I wasn't going to let a bad night effect a new day, so I did some sould searching, some praying and listened to a little United, got in a worship mindset and gave it my all. After church I was put in essentially the same situation, and it went well because my attitude was positive and I was confident. My day turned out really well. I went to a couch burning bon fire at RIT tonight and it was awesome. I really love bon fires. I go to alot of them.

Welp, see ya later.


Listening to:
Hillsong United "Across The Earth," "I Heart Revolution: With Hearts As One"
Saosin "S/T"
Blindside "The Great Depression"
A Kiss For Jersey "Victims"
The Ataris "So Long Astoria," "Welcome To The Night"
Bleach "Again, For The First Time," "Farewell Old Friends"
Brand New "Deja Entendu"
The Chariot "Wars and Rumors of Wars"
Chasing Victory "Fiends"
Four Year Strong "Rise Or Die Trying"
Last Tuesday "Resolve," "Become What You Believe," "Dear Jessica"
Museums "Can We Meet In The Middle?"
MXPX "Before, Everything and After"
New Found Glory "Sticks and Stones," "Catalyst," "Not Without A Fight"
P.O.D. "Satellite"
Relient K "S/T," "The Anatomy of The Tongue In Cheek,"
"Two Lefts Don't Make a Right but Three Do," "mmhmm,"
"Five Score and Seven Years Ago,"
"The Bird and The Bee Sides"

Remember Tomorrow
Seven Head Division
Storm The Bay
Story of the Year "Page Avenue, In The Wake of Determination," "The Black Swan"
They Sleep, They Dream "Life in Every Breath"
Thrice "Air," "Earth"
Underoath "Define The Great Line, "Lost in the Sound of Separation"
Yellowcard "Paper Walls"